Saturday, October 11, 2008

Troopergate? Give me a break gate....

Much ado about nothing. As far as I'm concerned if Sarah Palin erred it was in not going far enough. If my brother-in-law tasered my nephew he wouldn't be able to work. My sisters and I would have him in a circle of tasers and we'd show him what it's like. He'd still be running.

What kind of judgement does State Trooper Mike Wooten have? What kind of judgement does his boss, Commissioner of Public Safety Walter Monegan, have for not firing him or at least suspending him?

Yes, she should have fired the guy who wouldn't fire him. Bad judgement times ten on his part. Sarah would have been remiss if she had not wanted him to fire her ex-brother-in-law. Todd Palin wouldn't be a caring man if he hadn't tried to make it happen.

Sarah Palin's only problem is she's just not used to being sneaky and lying like those who are after her.

Trooper gate is clown gate. The Democrat hack clowns who are running this so-called investigation expect us to believe? to care? to swallow their gleeful openly stated partisan findings?

Sounds like a whole lot of jealousy of Todd Palin, Sarah Palin and those who stand up for what is right. These guys would fire their best friend if it would help their climb to power and they expect us to believe them when they point a finger at a Governor who clearly, even in their own write up, had the right to fire the guy (not the trooper) WITHOUT cause? Sounds like she had plenty of cause to me and it has nothing to do with what the idiot trooper did to his own son, or the threats he made to his in-laws life.

It's not going to stick to Sarah guys. Some October surprise.

The surprise is on you. The only people who are going to give this any credibility are the extreme left who love finding fault with good people because it makes them feel more virtuous. Emphasis on "feel".

I agree with my blogger friend at You Can Call Her Governor: "Yawn".

This isn't news, it's not even a distraction.

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