Friday, December 12, 2008

Office of the President Elect

Alright, I'm sure I'm late in commenting on this, but has anyone seen any President elect with a sign for the podium that says "Office of the President Elect"? Isn't that just a bit pompous and pretentious? Or have I never noticed it before?

And what's with this bit about wanting to move into the White House guest house, Blair House, on January 2nd instead of the normal January 15th date?

Not to mention all these press conferences. The media shows Barack's comments BEFORE they show the current President speaking.

The media has anointed The One and even the Blago crud isn't going to tarnish the halo they've put on his head.

I wonder how anyone manages to keep a normal sized ego with everyone sucking up to them. Look at what happens to normal people when they get to Hollywood or become a sports star. So many of them start to believe the hype.

It's going to be an interesting four years.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barack Obama, Supreme Court, Birth Certificate

Rec'd from Team Sarah member:

Team, We need to "push" as hard as we can this week before the Electors meet this coming Monday. Fax. write, mail (USPS), phone the Electors and demand they uphold and defend our Constitution by withholding their vote until Barrock Obama proves he is elegible to be POTUS. You can also fill out the web form at their Official Websites - please don't email at this point, we want to make sure they pay attention to us (their bosses).

This is a list of 2008 U.S. presidential electors, by state with names of Electors listed
Electoral College - Save Our Rights Number of votes per State
How to contact electors - complete with sample letter and links

You might be able to find more information sources here for your state:

For more information on the Electoral College and the election responsibilities of the States and the Archivist of the United States, contact the Office of the Federal Register:Telephone: 202-741-6030

Your Electoral College contacts at the Office of the Federal Register are:

* Amy Bunk, Director of Legal Affairs and Policy* Allyson Fenton Christou, Attorney-Advisor
In addition, please contact your Senators and U.S. House members (preferably ones who represent you in your own state - they only care about the opinions of voters in their district) and demand they challenge the qualifications of Senator Obama during the counting of electoral votes in the Senate on January 8th. Once a challenge is filled in writing during the counting process (per U.S. Code Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 15), the challenge must be resolved prior to the counting process being allowed to continue.

Contact your Secretary of State and insist they place a stay on the Electoral College vote in their State. Secretary of State Roster 2008.pdf

**Resource provided by Gilia R: Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members WND follows up Supreme Court letter campaign Thank you Gilia R.

**This just in from swimkin: Massive letter campaign to electors begins NOW at Democratic Disaster. Also check here: Thank you swimkin.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obama, Memphis, Defacing Public Property

From Linda Shaw (thanks):


President-Elect Barack Obama Faces Charges in Memphis
Reported by: Kevin Holmes
Contributor: Shane Myers
Last Update: 1:12 pm

MEMPHIS, TN – President-Elect Barack Obama is scheduled to appear in a Memphis court on charges of defacing public property.

According to court documents, a public works employee filed the charge after he says he found 512 campaigns signs illegally placed on right-of-way land in the city. The document says the signs were found on Germantown Road, Walnut Grove Road, Sam Cooper and Mendenhall Road.

City of Memphis spokesperson Toni Holman-Turner says the employee was just doing his job. She says citations have been issued to numerous politicians in the past, including Mayoral, Sheriff and Attorney General Candidates. Memphis City Council passed an ordinance three years ago that made it illegal to place any signs near the right of way.

The ordinance was originally put in place for homeowners, to prevent them from placing signs (like for sale, for rent and yard sale signs, etc.) near the right of way. The City says campaign signs aren't exempt.

According to Holman-Turner, three letters were hand delivered to Obama’s local campaign office and there was no response. She says taking Obama to court was the next step.

Attorney Jay Bailey will be representing the President-Elect. While the City of Memphis says its employee was just doing his job, Bailey feels the city worker just had an axe to grind. "This guy just had a problem with Barack Obama and decided to use his badge."

Bailey says he plans to file a motion to dismiss this on the grounds of selective prosecution.

President-Elect Obama missed his initial court appearance, and the case has been reset to December 8, 2008, in Environmental Court. Obama and his campaign could be fined up to $50 per sign. 512 signs equals $26,500, plus court costs.