Friday, April 30, 2010

Vice President Biden May Be Right on Jobs – If Temporary, Part-Time Census Work Counts as “Job Creation”

One week ago, Vice President Biden predicted that “some time in the next couple of months we're going to be creating between 250,000 jobs a month and 500,000 jobs a month." That the Administration is making job predictions at all may seem surprising given their dubious record on predicting job growth and unemployment rates. For example, instead of creating 3.7 million jobs and holding unemployment under 8 percent as they promised, Democrats' $1 trillion 2009 stimulus law was followed by 3 million more lost jobs and unemployment reaching 10 percent.

Amazingly, however, Vice President Biden’s latest prediction is one Administration job forecast that may turn out to be correct – if Census jobs that last “on average, about 19 hours per week for six weeks” count as “job creation.” As the chart below suggests, if Census hiring this spring follows trends in 1990 and 2000, the coming months could see huge leaps in such government “job creation.” However, these jobs will fade away just as quickly as they came. If this is the “good planning” the Vice President describes, he might want to check back around Labor Day to see if his latest job predictions still hold.


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Ways and Means Republican staff projections based on prior BLS data.  Note that January-March 2010 data is actual, and April-December 2010 data is projected based on the 1990 to 2000 trends for those months.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

If You Are Planned Parenthood, Crime Does Pay

Planned Parenthood (PP) released its annual report this week. It would appear that for Planned Parenthood, crime does pay -- as long as it is crime against humanity.

Last year, while the rest of the nation was seeing a downward trend in relation to abortions, Planned Parenthood was perpetrating over 15,000 more abortions than the year before, for a grand total of 305,310 (while apparently offering no post-abortion counseling to the women who enter into PP's "clinics.")

Added to this mayhem, Planned Parenthood distributed over 1.4 million "emergency contraceptive kits" containing the abortifacient called the "morning after pill."

During this time the organization only did 4,912 adoption referrals.

All this proved very profitable to Planed Parenthood as they posted a net profit of $1.014 BILLION. A clear 34 percent of that figure came from you - the U.S. taxpayer. Government grants to Planned Parenthood allowed the abortion industry to spend on a variety of things including contributing $10 million to elect President Obama and spending close to $1 million to lobby Congress for even more cash, claiming poverty in this time of economic crisis!

This investment by Planned Parenthood has paid handsomely as increases in government funding have led to an increase in the number of abortions the group performs. Only when the abortion industry is completely separated from the government funding spigot will President Obama have any credibility when he says he wants to "reduce the number of abortions." Local governments like Orange County, California and Corpus Christi, Texas have realized this and defunded their local PP's - when will Congress?

Additional Resources For more number crunching go to The Cloakroom

Family Research Council:
801 G Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001
P: 202/393-2100 or 800/225-4008

Filibuster Nomination of Judge David Hamilton

Fromt the "Pray in Jesus Name Project":


Please click, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition automatically to ALL 100 U.S. SENATORS right away (saving you hours of labor)!

Dear Citizen Activists, To the delight of many liberal groups, NO REPUBLICAN SENATORS have yet promised to filibuster this bad nomination of the most dangerous liberal extremist, anti-Life, anti-Liberty, anti-Jesus Judge David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. We must demand a filibuster to oppose him. President Barack Obama has just nominated federal Judge David Hamilton, who has issued controversial rulings (banning public prayers offered "in Jesus name," and hastening the abortion of unborn children), to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (the same court that has reversed his aggressive decisions for many years).


Judge Hamilton is the worst of Obama's 15 new liberal appeals court appointees. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals covers Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. Since most cases never reach the Supreme Court, the federal appellate circuits often provide the last word on cases affecting life and liberty.

READ THE FACTS: The Judicial Confirmation Network quickly opposed Hamilton's nomination, stating that "President Obama's first nominee to the federal appeals courts -- specifically the appeals court based in Chicago -- is an ultra-liberal named David Hamilton who is a former fundraiser for ACORN and former leader of the Indiana chapter of the ACLU. He was nominated to the district court bench by President Clinton even though he had no judicial experience and was rated as 'not qualified' by the American Bar Association ." Hamilton ruled in 2005 to ban the practice of opening the chamber's business with prayers mentioning Jesus Christ or using terms such as "Savior." He said that amounted to state endorsement of a religion. (But he ruled prayers to "Allah" were perfectly lawful.)

ANTI-JESUS, BUT PRO-ALLAH? Judge Hamilton wrote: "The injunction orders the Speaker...that the prayers should not use Christ's name or title or any other denominational appeal...If those offering prayers in the Indiana House of Representatives choose to use the Arabic 'Allah'...the court sees little risk that the choice of language would advance a particular religion or disparage others. " In other words, Judge Hamilton ruled the words "Jesus" or "Christ" are illegal words, prohibited for public speech, banned by the First Amendment, which somehow prohibits freedom of religious expression, and makes Christian prayers ILLEGAL in a public forum. (What crazy version of the First Amendment is he reading?)

Thank God, I took action in 2007 and provided legal arguments to the Indiana Attorney General who appealed to the 7th Circuit Court and WE WON a 2-1 decision overruling Hamilton, restoring the right to pray "in Jesus name" in Indiana.



In 2003, Judge Hamilton struck down part of an Indiana law on abortion. The reasonable law had required abortion clinics to simply give women information about alternatives to abortion in the presence of a physician or nurse, 18 hours before the procedure, until Hamilton ruled to hasten abortions . But thank God, the 7th Circuit Court also reversed Hamilton's bad decision in that case.

If confirmed now Hamilton will sit on that 7th Circuit Court (the same court that frequently overruled him) with terrible power to rule the heartland with his anti-life, anti-liberty, anti-Christian agenda.


We've already sent thousands of faxes to the full Senate, and we're getting results! On April 1st, Senator Orrin Hatch led all Republicans to walk out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in protest against the Democrat "rush job" to confirm Judge Hamilton. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, said he was troubled by Hamilton's ruling against a sectarian prayer to open the Indiana House of Representatives. Even Senator Arlen Specter expressed concern. But will they vote unanimously against Hamilton?

Unfortuantely retiring RINO Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) endorsed Hamilton, endangering his own state of Indiana and ruining his own legacy. Lugar's five phone numbers are: Indianapolis (317) 226-5555, Evansville (812) 465-6313, Fort Wayne (260) 422-1505, Valparaiso (219) 548-8035, DC Office (202) 224-4814. Everybody please call all five numbers today, and especially ask your Indiana friends to call Sen. Lugar .

Then please forward this email to your Indiana-Illinois-Wisconsin friends, and to all pastors in all 50 states, and click here to download a church flyer that pastors can copy and distribute.

But first, take action right now! I pray you will not hesitate, but sign the petition and WE WILL FAX your petition right away, automatically to all 100 U.S. Senators...


God Bless you, in Jesus' name,
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt

P.S. Time is urgent! The Senate could vote on this confirmation as early as mid-April. If you click and sign today, we will forward your name immediately. Please don't wait another minute. Life, Liberty, and Jesus are too important to be banned by one extremist judge.

Monday, March 23, 2009

National Service Bill may become Law TONIGHT with no debate!!!!

Reid Shuts Down Debate on National Service Bill, to be voted on TONIGHT!

This Bill opens the door WIDE OPEN to mandatory national service!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pvt. LaVena Johnson's Death Controversy

Death Of Pvt. LaVena Johnson In Iraq
Via Melaniannews Weblog
Military Authorities claimed this young woman committed suicide in her tent but autopsies have revealed she was raped, murdered and her body doused in a flammable liquid.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stop Nancy Pelosi's Taxpayer Funded Payoff Scheme

Please contact your Representative to vote against H.R. 1, a stimulus bill full of earmarks and payback to liberal political cronies like ACORN and Planned Parenthood

Stop Nancy Pelosi's Taxpayer Funded Payoff Scheme
January 27, 2009

Exactly what kind of stimulus did Speaker Nancy Pelosi have in mind? That's a question more Americans should be asking now that details are trickling in about the controversial $825 billion "economic recovery" package. $200 million for lawn care in Washington, D.C., $360 million to potentially be used to put on transsexual beauty pageants and erotic art shows. These are a few examples in the $825 BILLION (and counting!), over 1,588 page stimulus bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi argues this bill would stimulate the economy, however only 7 percent of the legislation actually goes towards infrastructure - the rest of the bill reads like a taxpayer funded payoff to groups that have supported liberal Democrats' interests.

And what a pay off! ACORN, the long controversial group that purposefully tried to muck up last year's elections to benefit the Democrats is being rewarded by Nancy Pelosi with potentially $4.19 BILLION in taxpayer funds. And more than 10 percent of the proposal-$87 billion-would be directed to groups like Planned Parenthood! The country's recession is crippling families, and the Democrats' solution is spending billions of dollars on contraception?

On the latest "This Week" program on ABC, George Stephanopoulos pressed Speaker Pelosi for an explanation. She implied that making sure there are less children is a great way to stimulate the economy! Meanwhile she helped stop an amendment to the bill that would have protected parental rights!

Contact your Representative today to vote against H.R. 1, the so called "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009".

Thank you and God bless you.

Stop Nancy Pelosi's Taxpayer Funded Payoff Scheme

Tony Perkins

Friday, December 12, 2008

Office of the President Elect

Alright, I'm sure I'm late in commenting on this, but has anyone seen any President elect with a sign for the podium that says "Office of the President Elect"? Isn't that just a bit pompous and pretentious? Or have I never noticed it before?

And what's with this bit about wanting to move into the White House guest house, Blair House, on January 2nd instead of the normal January 15th date?

Not to mention all these press conferences. The media shows Barack's comments BEFORE they show the current President speaking.

The media has anointed The One and even the Blago crud isn't going to tarnish the halo they've put on his head.

I wonder how anyone manages to keep a normal sized ego with everyone sucking up to them. Look at what happens to normal people when they get to Hollywood or become a sports star. So many of them start to believe the hype.

It's going to be an interesting four years.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barack Obama, Supreme Court, Birth Certificate

Rec'd from Team Sarah member:

Team, We need to "push" as hard as we can this week before the Electors meet this coming Monday. Fax. write, mail (USPS), phone the Electors and demand they uphold and defend our Constitution by withholding their vote until Barrock Obama proves he is elegible to be POTUS. You can also fill out the web form at their Official Websites - please don't email at this point, we want to make sure they pay attention to us (their bosses).

This is a list of 2008 U.S. presidential electors, by state with names of Electors listed
Electoral College - Save Our Rights Number of votes per State
How to contact electors - complete with sample letter and links

You might be able to find more information sources here for your state:

For more information on the Electoral College and the election responsibilities of the States and the Archivist of the United States, contact the Office of the Federal Register:Telephone: 202-741-6030

Your Electoral College contacts at the Office of the Federal Register are:

* Amy Bunk, Director of Legal Affairs and Policy* Allyson Fenton Christou, Attorney-Advisor
In addition, please contact your Senators and U.S. House members (preferably ones who represent you in your own state - they only care about the opinions of voters in their district) and demand they challenge the qualifications of Senator Obama during the counting of electoral votes in the Senate on January 8th. Once a challenge is filled in writing during the counting process (per U.S. Code Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 15), the challenge must be resolved prior to the counting process being allowed to continue.

Contact your Secretary of State and insist they place a stay on the Electoral College vote in their State. Secretary of State Roster 2008.pdf

**Resource provided by Gilia R: Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members WND follows up Supreme Court letter campaign Thank you Gilia R.

**This just in from swimkin: Massive letter campaign to electors begins NOW at Democratic Disaster. Also check here: Thank you swimkin.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obama, Memphis, Defacing Public Property

From Linda Shaw (thanks):


President-Elect Barack Obama Faces Charges in Memphis
Reported by: Kevin Holmes
Contributor: Shane Myers
Last Update: 1:12 pm

MEMPHIS, TN – President-Elect Barack Obama is scheduled to appear in a Memphis court on charges of defacing public property.

According to court documents, a public works employee filed the charge after he says he found 512 campaigns signs illegally placed on right-of-way land in the city. The document says the signs were found on Germantown Road, Walnut Grove Road, Sam Cooper and Mendenhall Road.

City of Memphis spokesperson Toni Holman-Turner says the employee was just doing his job. She says citations have been issued to numerous politicians in the past, including Mayoral, Sheriff and Attorney General Candidates. Memphis City Council passed an ordinance three years ago that made it illegal to place any signs near the right of way.

The ordinance was originally put in place for homeowners, to prevent them from placing signs (like for sale, for rent and yard sale signs, etc.) near the right of way. The City says campaign signs aren't exempt.

According to Holman-Turner, three letters were hand delivered to Obama’s local campaign office and there was no response. She says taking Obama to court was the next step.

Attorney Jay Bailey will be representing the President-Elect. While the City of Memphis says its employee was just doing his job, Bailey feels the city worker just had an axe to grind. "This guy just had a problem with Barack Obama and decided to use his badge."

Bailey says he plans to file a motion to dismiss this on the grounds of selective prosecution.

President-Elect Obama missed his initial court appearance, and the case has been reset to December 8, 2008, in Environmental Court. Obama and his campaign could be fined up to $50 per sign. 512 signs equals $26,500, plus court costs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frustrating times... Exciting times...

I've been listening over these past few weeks to liberals, conservatives, independents, talk hosts, commentators, and seemingly everyone who can find an audience dissect the election. Everyone has their theory or locked-in-stone belief as to why Barack Obama won.

John McCain was too liberal. John McCain was too conservative.

The economy. The economy didn't matter, McCain would have lost anyway.

The media.

George Bush left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

No way a Republican could have won, no matter who he was.

John McCain had a better chance than anyone.

If the Republicans had chosen a staunch conservative they might have won.

Sarah Palin was the kiss of death.

McCain wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as close as he did if it weren't for Sarah Palin.

I could go on and on.

God was behind Barack Obama.
God was fed up with us for not following him and he's punishing us with Barack Obama so we'll get back on the right path.

I understand the kids didn't come out in droves. I've read that moderates pulled for Obama rather than McCain. I've heard the Republicans didn't come out to vote.
Everyone has an opinion.

None of it really, really matters unless we're going to use the knowledge that we lost to build toward a better future.

I'm excited about all the things I see going on right now and frustrated by others.

The excitement comes from all the groups that are forming to work toward the better future I mentioned. People are tossing aside titles and finding common ground. We have Democrats who are disgusted with their party joining hands with Independents and Republicans. We have Republicans who've just claimed the name without any involvement getting involved. There is a burst of energy that I hope sustains us through a victory. There is an enthusiasm that I hope carries us through the next tough years we'll be enduring.

That's my frustration. I hear what Obama is promising and I am frustrated. Things that are looming include the Fairness Doctrine (shutting down free speech), the Freedom of Choice Act which will eliminate the choice of life for many, the court appointees that could drastically affect every decision of law for decades and so many other actions that tear away at the foundation of our country and the Constitution.

While we have so many who are organizing and banding together at this time, we're going to need those sleepy heads who've skated by, just living day-to-day, to wake up. We are going to need to find a way to educate people, to arm them with real knowledge. Yes, the Internet is on fire with a conservative fervor like I've never seen before. But if America is sitting in front of the boob-tube watching Ugly Betty and their favorite soap, all of our efforts on the Internet are not going to be quite enough.

We have to figure out a way to get on main stream media. We have to make inroads into the news media. How? One way is to raise our children to be reporters, to start newspapers, magazines, to be conservative actors and similar. The problem is trying to break into those liberal bastions! You almost have to be an undercover conservative until you reach a certain point. You have to live in the closet.

I don't know if that's a reasonable suggestion. Being the rich conservatives that we are (cough, cough), maybe we just need to raise the dough and buy up all the media outlets. Hmmm... maybe we need to start a fund to buy up newspapers and television stations! Ha. I think I've hit on something. Let's start a fund and get everyone contributing with the idea that we one by one buy up media outlets across the country.

Whatcha think? Worth a shot? I'm going to propose it to the Read My Lipstick Network and see if we can't collaborate with other groups to start that movement. Gee, keep typing long enough and maybe a worthwhile thought occurs. We'll see.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our world is getting ready to change. Drastically.

I told people and I told people that if Obama won, he was going to completely take over the country, change our world in ways we couldn't imagine. I couldn't convince hardly anyone in my little world that the courts were going to be the fastest loss and change. Once he gets his mitts into the courts, we'll see so many changes it'll make your eyeballs spin.

Obama Plans to Radicalize the Courts
It’s a given that Barack Obama will change the balance on the courts to a liberal judicial outlook. What is surprising is how quickly he could do that: 14 seats are open on appeals courts, or will be by the end of January. Read the Full Story — Go Here Now.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why Obama Got Elected

There are too many people in this country who believe like Peggy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Funny and a serious

First, the serious.

I just listened in to a call on blog radio of PUMA, Just Say No Deal, No Quarter USA and some others I know I'm forgetting. They had Lynn de Rothschild (sp?), Rudy Giuliani and others talking to undecided voters and a lot of other interested types. It was a great call and it really is fabulous to hear people from across every spectrum of politics get together for principles. If you go out looking around the Internet you will find a lot of unhappy Hillary supporters who know and agree with me that the Democrats and media are doing the same thing to Sarah Palin that they did to her.

Now for the funny.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Help Fill the Seats, Pack the House at Sarah Palin Rallies

10/31/2008 6:30:00 AM - Latrobe, PA
Road to Victory Rally in Latrobe, PA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Latrobe, PA on Friday October 31st.
10/31/2008 8:00:00 AM - Hanoverton , OH
Road to Victory Rally in Hanoverton, OH
Please join Senator John McCain for a Road to Victory Rally in Hanoverton, OH on Friday October 31st.
10/31/2008 12:00:00 PM - York , PA
Road to Victory Rally in York, PA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in York, PA on Friday October 31st.
10/31/2008 3:00:00 PM - Columbus, OH
Road to Victory Rally with John McCain & Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, OH
Please join John McCain & Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a Road to Victory Rally in Columbus, OH on Friday, October 31st. Doors open at 3pm.
11/1/2008 6:00:00 AM - New Port Richey , FL
Road to Victory Rally in New Port Richey, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in New Port Richey, FL on Saturday November 1st.
11/1/2008 7:00:00 AM - Newport News , VA
Road to Victory Rally in Newport News, VA
Please join Senator John McCain for his final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia before the Election. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Newport News, VA.
11/1/2008 9:00:00 AM - Springfield, VA
Road to Victory Rally in Springfield, VA
Please join Senator John McCain for his final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Springfield, VA.
11/1/2008 9:00:00 AM - Polk City , FL
Road to Victory Rally in Polk City, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Polk City, FL on Saturday November 1st.
11/1/2008 12:00:00 PM - Perkasie , PA
Road to Victory Rally in Perkasie, PA
Please join Senator John McCain for a Road to Victory Rally in Perkasie, PA on Saturday November 1st.
11/1/2008 12:00:00 PM - Ocala , FL
Road to Victory Rally in Ocala, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Ocala, FL on Saturday November 1st.
11/1/2008 4:00:00 PM - Raleigh , NC
Road to Victory Rally in Raleigh, NC
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Raleigh, NC on Saturday November 1st.
11/1/2008 6:30:00 PM - Glen Allen , VA
Road to Victory Rally in Glen Allen, VA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for her final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia before election day. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Glen Allen, VA. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
11/3/2008 12:00:00 PM - Dubuque , IA
Road to Victory Rally in Dubuque, IA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Dubuque, IA on Monday November 3rd.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Catholic? Found a couple of great links / pages / groups for you

I saw the video below on our Read My Lipstick Network group page on After I watched it I went to the website ( and I signed up for updates. I was invited to participate in a conference call this evening (along with over a million others who're participating) but didn't read my emails soon enough. I took a look and they're going to do another one on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET so I've signed up to listen in (phone or webcast). Here's a link for the sign up:

Here's the video that was on the Team Sarah page:

The group doesn't say who they're supporting for President, but they're pro-life so you have to believe they can't vote for Obama since he's so openly anti-life. I refuse to say pro-choice. It's not a choice for the baby in question, it's a choice for the selfish owner of the body who did what was necessary to bring a life into this world without taking proper precautions. I'm not talking about rape, incest, etc. when I talk about stupid women who do whatever the heck they want then kill babies as a means of birth control. It's too darned easy these days to take a pill and use a condom (although lord knows that's not fool-proof).