Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barack Obama, Supreme Court, Birth Certificate

Rec'd from Team Sarah member:

Team, We need to "push" as hard as we can this week before the Electors meet this coming Monday. Fax. write, mail (USPS), phone the Electors and demand they uphold and defend our Constitution by withholding their vote until Barrock Obama proves he is elegible to be POTUS. You can also fill out the web form at their Official Websites - please don't email at this point, we want to make sure they pay attention to us (their bosses).

This is a list of 2008 U.S. presidential electors, by state with names of Electors listed
Electoral College - Save Our Rights Number of votes per State
How to contact electors - complete with sample letter and links

You might be able to find more information sources here for your state:

For more information on the Electoral College and the election responsibilities of the States and the Archivist of the United States, contact the Office of the Federal Register:Telephone: 202-741-6030

Your Electoral College contacts at the Office of the Federal Register are:

* Amy Bunk, Director of Legal Affairs and Policy* Allyson Fenton Christou, Attorney-Advisor
In addition, please contact your Senators and U.S. House members (preferably ones who represent you in your own state - they only care about the opinions of voters in their district) and demand they challenge the qualifications of Senator Obama during the counting of electoral votes in the Senate on January 8th. Once a challenge is filled in writing during the counting process (per U.S. Code Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 15), the challenge must be resolved prior to the counting process being allowed to continue.



Contact your Secretary of State and insist they place a stay on the Electoral College vote in their State. Secretary of State Roster 2008.pdf

**Resource provided by Gilia R: Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members WND follows up Supreme Court letter campaign Thank you Gilia R.

**This just in from swimkin: Massive letter campaign to electors begins NOW at Democratic Disaster. Also check here: http://drorly.blogspot.com/ Thank you swimkin.

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