Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frustrating times... Exciting times...

I've been listening over these past few weeks to liberals, conservatives, independents, talk hosts, commentators, and seemingly everyone who can find an audience dissect the election. Everyone has their theory or locked-in-stone belief as to why Barack Obama won.

John McCain was too liberal. John McCain was too conservative.

The economy. The economy didn't matter, McCain would have lost anyway.

The media.

George Bush left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

No way a Republican could have won, no matter who he was.

John McCain had a better chance than anyone.

If the Republicans had chosen a staunch conservative they might have won.

Sarah Palin was the kiss of death.

McCain wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as close as he did if it weren't for Sarah Palin.

I could go on and on.

God was behind Barack Obama.
God was fed up with us for not following him and he's punishing us with Barack Obama so we'll get back on the right path.

I understand the kids didn't come out in droves. I've read that moderates pulled for Obama rather than McCain. I've heard the Republicans didn't come out to vote.
Everyone has an opinion.

None of it really, really matters unless we're going to use the knowledge that we lost to build toward a better future.

I'm excited about all the things I see going on right now and frustrated by others.

The excitement comes from all the groups that are forming to work toward the better future I mentioned. People are tossing aside titles and finding common ground. We have Democrats who are disgusted with their party joining hands with Independents and Republicans. We have Republicans who've just claimed the name without any involvement getting involved. There is a burst of energy that I hope sustains us through a victory. There is an enthusiasm that I hope carries us through the next tough years we'll be enduring.

That's my frustration. I hear what Obama is promising and I am frustrated. Things that are looming include the Fairness Doctrine (shutting down free speech), the Freedom of Choice Act which will eliminate the choice of life for many, the court appointees that could drastically affect every decision of law for decades and so many other actions that tear away at the foundation of our country and the Constitution.

While we have so many who are organizing and banding together at this time, we're going to need those sleepy heads who've skated by, just living day-to-day, to wake up. We are going to need to find a way to educate people, to arm them with real knowledge. Yes, the Internet is on fire with a conservative fervor like I've never seen before. But if America is sitting in front of the boob-tube watching Ugly Betty and their favorite soap, all of our efforts on the Internet are not going to be quite enough.

We have to figure out a way to get on main stream media. We have to make inroads into the news media. How? One way is to raise our children to be reporters, to start newspapers, magazines, to be conservative actors and similar. The problem is trying to break into those liberal bastions! You almost have to be an undercover conservative until you reach a certain point. You have to live in the closet.

I don't know if that's a reasonable suggestion. Being the rich conservatives that we are (cough, cough), maybe we just need to raise the dough and buy up all the media outlets. Hmmm... maybe we need to start a fund to buy up newspapers and television stations! Ha. I think I've hit on something. Let's start a fund and get everyone contributing with the idea that we one by one buy up media outlets across the country.

Whatcha think? Worth a shot? I'm going to propose it to the Read My Lipstick Network and see if we can't collaborate with other groups to start that movement. Gee, keep typing long enough and maybe a worthwhile thought occurs. We'll see.

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