Saturday, August 30, 2008

Banging their heads against the wall

Can't you just picture Obama's team banging their heads against the wall because they picked "the safe guy". They tried to counter the Republican's charge that Obama doesn't have experience by picking Mr. Washington Insider, the old guy.

Hard for them to go after John McCain as old when their guy is nipping at his heels age-wise. I love it that Biden is having to bring out his Mom to prove he's got those longevity genes, too. What a hoot.

Now McCain picks a WOMAN, something the Democrats (ya know, the party that supports women... cough, cough) weren't brave enough (or intelligent) enough to do.

They coulda had a smart, intelligent, pant-suit wearing VP with a quiver full of 8 million votes, but nooooo, they couldn't handle having a strong woman at the side of Obama.

I wonder if Michelle Obama had anything to do with not picking Hillary Clinton? It looked like she was eating the sourest of sour lemons while Hillary was talking at the Democratic Convention last week. She does NOT like Hillary. Can't say I blame her, but still politics is politics and you swallow your likes and dislikes and get on with business. We've had quite a few VP's who weren't liked by the top of the ticket. It's all about strategy and I think Obama let personal feelings interfere with doing the right thing for his ticket.

I bet if he doesn't win (hope he doesn't, hope he doesn't) he'll look back at that one decision as the turning point in his campaign.

The Dems are going to be banging their heads against the wall for quite some time.

You know what's even better? It doesn't matter a hill of beans to any of us whether Sarah Palin out-talks Joe Biden in the debates. It doesn't matter if he knows about foreign policy and she's still learning. She's got a resume that beats Biden and Obama's put together. We don't expect miracles from her, we just expect her to be honest, smart and to learn, learn, learn and lead.

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