Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bridge to Nowhere...

I listened to the talks this morning, curious to see whether the Obamacrats had come up with any kind of unified message to attack McCain-Palin.

They even dragged out old Kerry to try. Don't you just want to drag his words out, tell him to speed it up? Man I go to sleep listening to him drone.

They tried. They failed.

They can't go after her on experience. She's second in line, their less-than-qualified-choice is first in line. If the "change" guy bites the dust then what do we have? OLD-School Washington Biden, no-change-Biden.

Don't you just love listening to all these politicians trying to tell us what we're supposed to think?

Remember the old adage, something about throwing enough mud sooner or later something will stick? They are throwing all they have an so far nothing is sticking.

I love it that she turned down the Bridge to Nowhere. Ha, take that Washington. The Dems tried to talk about the fact (I assume) that when she ran for office she was for it, but then got into office and voted against it. Well la-de-da. I've been around enough campaigns to know that until you actually get into office you don't know all the facts, you may think one way while running based on what you're being told, but then when you see the full story realize it just ain't what you thought it was going to be.

When she starts compromising her principles, then I'll take note. But to change her mind about money being handed out from Washington? Nope, she ultimately did the right thing and that's what matters. I might have a huge problem if she'd done it the other way around, said she was against the bridge then embraced it when she got into office.

Get real guys. I know you're digging and digging right now, you're trying trash on focus groups hoping something will make then go "ewww, no way". You're tossing garbage and hoping something is going to stick in our minds. Shame you're not going to give up, but hey, that's old-style Washington politics and you guys are good at the same-old-same-old. Wrap it in an Obama Change Blanket and tout it as being new. Here's what's new ---- someone who's willing to buck their own political party to do what's right for us, for the American public.

You have two guys who wouldn't know change if their babies diapers were full.

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