Sunday, August 31, 2008

She's never been on Meet the Press


Right choice.

Not Washington.

Brilliant move McCain.

If I wanted Washington II then I'd be voting for old-man Biden's team.

The Dems have an inexperienced political wonk on the top of their ticket and a DC insider who knows nothing but politics-as-usual as the second in command.

Their argument of inexperience about a Governor and Mayor who's done more in the past five years than either of the politicians on the Dem side have done in their entire life is ludicrous. Being a mother of five children gives her more experience than the by-the-Dem-book dudes on the other ticket will ever have.

Palin ought to challenge Biden to a mooseburger eating contest. She'd beat him in that one, too.

Palin is the future. Biden is the past. Obama showed he's nothing but a lock-step Democrat when he chose Biden. So much for "Change", huh?

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