Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is it about Sarah Palin?

I was thinking a bit about why John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his VP pick was so great. Yes, it's exciting that she is the first woman on the Presidential / Vice Presidential ticket.

It's not just that, though that is creating so much enthusiasm across the country.

It's Palin herself. There is something in her package that everyone can identify with in some way.

She hunts and eats mooseburgers --- what guy wouldn't love a woman who'd hunt with him?

She runs which hits another group.

She's a mother of five, yes five, children, which is a full-time job in itself. I don't know much about her children but they sure looked like they were in the process of turning out to be decent adults.

She has all the conservative values that attract both Republicans and Independents.

She is tough yet seems to be fair.

She's gone after corruption, even in her own party! Wow. Love the independence and values.

She's good looking, feminine (no pants suits for her when she announced!). She was a former beauty contestant and you can tell she still has it. I would bet the glasses are something she wears just to give herself a bit more credibility. Although good looking, she didn't get where she is on looks, it was brains.

She plays sports, coached a team, calls herself a hockey-mom.

She has a Down Syndrome child, which I gather must have been a surprise given the difference in age between the next youngest and Track (I'm not sure of his name, although I've heard it often enough since yesterday!).

She's articulate, smart, sharp and now she's in line for the top office.

She's not Washington as usual.

She has more experience than Obama.

I think she amazes most of us who can't seem to handle a job and husband, much less the kind of job she has and five children. Somehow she still manages to take care of herself and that is something most of us whine about!

Women can be pretty nasty when it comes to other women. We're the worst when it comes to judging what others wear, calling them names when they're our boss, being catty and knowing how to do it so it hits a nerve. But Sarah Palin is someone most are going to want their little girls to emulate. She looks to be a true role model.

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