Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Check out Wonkosphere

One of the Read My Lipstick Network members sent me an email about the McCain Victory '08 Blog Roll thing and an email with some resources that are well worth checking out if you have time. I'll add some more stuff as I get around to checking it out but the Wonkosphere was something I'm glad I found.

McCain is even beating Obama in the mentions in blogs! He's not winning by much and it doesn't differentiate between good mentions and bad but still it was nice to know he's on top in yet another area.

McCain, McCain, McCain, McCain, McCain. There, I did my part to help the cause.

If you have a John McCain or Sarah Palin blog you need to go add your blog to the Wonkosphere so your efforts get counted. Click on "contact" and there is a link so you can add your blog.

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