Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah WOWED everyone last night!

She is one dangerous woman and the left wing media KNOWS it! She is everything they can't handle --- a truly competent woman who doesn't whine.

What a speech. What a woman. She is my hero.

Sure, I don't eat meat, but hey to each their own. I'd never shoot Bambi but I sure like the idea that the two who are at the top of the ticket are kick-butt, take no names and protect us all types!

She has compassion, heart and she knows how to get things done. Loved the joke. Loved the zingers which were shot with just the right touch of humor.

Did anyone hear the blather that came back from Obama's campaign. Boring much. Drivel. They've been throwing everything they can at her for a week and she comes back with a little patter and they collapse.

They sound like bullies who can't figure out how to come back at a girl. Nah, nah, you said bad things about us and we don't like it. Can't take the heat on the left.

Guess we should be prepared though 'cause now they're going to find out which way she puts toilet paper on the dispenser and say it's politically incorrect.

They need to back off on the family.

What about this crap about Todd getting a ticket when he was, oh my god, 22. A baby. While he's drinking beer at the age when almost everyone in the world drinks beer or wine or more, Obama's out there snorting drugs --- he said so in his book. Now that's OK for a Presidential candidate to experiment with drugs, but not OK for a red-blooded American male to have a beer or two and get caught as a kid? Give me a break. I bet most of the people writing about it drink now. Geez.

The thing the media has done is raise awareness of Palin, shown their scared of Palin, and solidified a whole lot of people into supporters who were just wishy-washy before.

Ya know, I'd still be a lib if the party hadn't gotten so nasty. And I hadn't gone into business for myself. Tell you what, there is nothing that teaches you self-responsibility like running a business. You find out what it means to take care of yourself. When I worked for a large corporation, had healthcare, had vacation, had a steady paycheck it was easy to be cushioned and not think about things.

Sarah Palin is what most parents only dream their kids should be, could be. To handle five kids, a husband, a job, to kick butt in Alaska, be intelligent, happy, smart, beautiful.... I could was eloquent if I really worked at it . Go Sarah Palin. Go get 'em girl.

Oh yeah, and THANKS John McCain for picking Palin. You showed your moxxy, your independence and got my vote for sure.

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