Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yawn... Stayed up late to watch Sarah last night...

I didn't intend to stay up to watch as Sarah Palin landed and then spoke in Alaska last night, but just couldn't help myself. As I walked by to say goodnight to my husband they started talking about the crowds who had been waiting to greet her and I was hooked.

I'm so glad I stayed up to watch, although I did have to listen to reporters on CNN grousing about how no one would have ever figured we'd be watching a Vice Presidential candidate at that time of night... They were all complaining about having to stay up late it seems.

Sarah Palin is on-fire. She rocks and she IS the new superwoman!

Her talk was great last night. She knows just when to say, enough! She brings just the right touch of seriousness and humor to a talk. Obama has to be jealous as she DOES know how to excite and exhort and fire people up!

Obama's hesitating and hemming and hawing just about drives me nuts when I listen to him. I don't know why he's considered such a great speaker. But hey, he's not my guy anyway and I gather from talking to friends on the "other side" that it is not permissible to say anything negative about Obama. You have to think it in your head. I have friends who are Democrats who are SCARED to say they don't like Obama or that they disagree with something he says because they get vilified. Wow. That is seriously BAD.

I like Sarah Palin, but I'm not going to have a problem in the world saying I disagree with this or that when the time comes. I'm sure I won't like some of the things she says or does. I'd never shoot a moose or eat a mooseburger...

Gotta run, have a meeting... just wanted to say that I thought Sarah did a FANTASTIC job last night and I loved the enthusiasm of the crowd!

(How come mooseburger isn't in my spellcheck list of OK words yet???)

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