Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hit job on Sarah Palin, CNN

The media keeps going after Sarah Palin and it is nauseating. Did anyone see the hit job CNN tried to do last night on Sarah Palin? Is the only person they could find to trash her a guy who looks like they had to clean up and take his vodka away from to talk nasty about her? The ex-mayor of Wasilla who Sarah Palin beat not just one, but twice? Duh. Do you expect him to say something nice about her? He tried to sound like he was being non-biased but gee, give me a break, my 5 year old could see through that (and did have a comment about the big things under his eyes... try explaining to a 5 year old why someone carries "bags" under their eyes, ha ha).

They tried to make it "balanced" by putting on some of her family. I bet if they'd known what was going to be done they wouldn't have participated. How much of what they said that was good got cut.

I learned last night how things can be twisted, a lesson I hadn't learned yet. I haven't been involved until this election and have had my news spoon-fed by the press in sound bites. No more.

It was amazing how just the right tone of voice, just the phrasing of the comments and questions by the commentator showed their bias and changed the meaning of answers and thoughts. Wow, what a lesson I learned last night!

I'll be sticking with Fox News from now on.

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Grace Explosion said...

It just seems like the news is so biased, that they no longer just report the news. They try to present the news in such a way as to achieve their own agenda. In other words, in this campaign, it seems like so many newscasters are working as campaign managers. And they don't even care enough to realize that's wrong. In fact, they are so patronizingly "certain" they "know best" that we really "need" liberal government... that the end of what they want justifies the means of acting so partially in how the news is presented... that they've justified becoming propaganda machines.

That's what happens with the arrogance of liberal paternalism, imo.

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