Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fred Thompson was Magnificent Last Night!!!!!

Wasn't he superb? Just the right timing, inflections and most importantly, the right message! I heard him on Fox News this morning talking a little about the speech. He said they told him right before he went on to cut it a bit short so he and Lieberman could both be on during prime time, and then gave him two more paragraphs to try and squeeze in! He didn't even break a sweat.

I am so proud of everyone who is standing up and supporting both John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Did you see Levi today as the McCains and Palins got off the plane to go to the Convention? Little Bristol has a cutey! For that matter, so does Mama! They certainly have good taste in their men.

Back to real issues that matter, girl.

Can't wait to hear Rudi, Huckabee and SARAH speak tonight. The pressure must be something else on her as she prepare for what everyone keeps saying is the most important speech of her life. Did they say that when Joe Biden was getting ready to talk? Nah.

For that matter, has anyone trashed Joe Biden for choosing to be a politician when he was the single father of two children? It was tragic what happened to his young daughter and wife, and the boys. But rather than find a job that kept him at home or allowed him to be with his two young children he ran for office.

Now, if he had been a woman would that have been acceptable? Oh, wait, yes it would have been if we were talking a liberal instead of a conservative woman! Somehow, I think that if Palin had been in the same position as Biden, she probably would have stayed home with the kids. So, does that make Biden a schmuck 'cause he chose public office? Nope, although I probably wouldn't have done it.

The left seems to be full of hypocrites.

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