Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Girl, the Dems are Despicable with their Bristol / Sarah Palin Garbage

Just read your post about Bristol. Some of these Dems are despicable. Did you hear what they've been spreading around on the blogs? They've been saying that cute little Trig is actually Bristol's child and that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy to cover it up.

Good God are these people nuts.

I simply can't imagine who some people make it through the day with all the crazy theories that eat holes in their brains.

Like a Governor could fake a pregnancy? What, they think she stuffed pillows under her dress and faked labor? Hid her daughter?

I agree with you, the Palin's are fantastic for standing by their daughter and welcoming this little one into the world. I'm so glad they didn't go the route so many kids do, deciding to kill the baby.

We're with you Bristol, Sarah, Todd and family. Kick butt and take no names.

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