Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Heard they're re-vetting Palin

Heard this morning that Joe Liberman was McCain's pick right up to the last minute. Also heard the FBI hadn't vetted Sarah Palin completely before he announced. I would be every little secret she ever had is already out there given she's been in the public eye for as long as she has.

Husband Todd got a ticket for DWI (or DUI depending on where you are in time ;-) twenty-two years ago. Bad boy ;-) Let's see, that would have made him somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty-two or 23? Another whoop-te-do.

17-year-old Bristol is getting married sometime soon to a 17 or so year old. I consider myself a social conservative in some areas, a moderate in others. I hold myself to a fairly strict line but I'm very tolerant of others and the choices they feel they need to make. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and your feet don't fit in your own shoes anymore.

People make mistakes, they grow and learn hopefully. I've heard of couples who got married at 17 and lived to see their spouse die of old age, but it's rare. I give the young man kudos for being willing to step up to the plate. I'd bet the kids think they're in love. They don't understand what love is yet, maybe what they have will grow into love. It's going to be tougher on them because they have the eyes of the world watching.

Does Palin have to step down as Governor to run? We're only talking a few months off from work at this point so I can't imagine she's giving up being Governor.

What a feather in Alaska's cap if they are the home state of the first female Vice President, and possibly President if she runs after McCain's term ends.

We live in interesting times, but I would imagine every generation has said the same thing.

Hopefully there's not a time bomb ticking for Sarah. I can't imagine she would have considered taking the job if she had anything in her background. It looks like she disclosed everything and was pretty much up-front. She seems like a straight arrow, doubt she'd embarrass McCain.

Glad they're re-vetting her though, just to shut everyone up! Geez, give it up, get back to issues.

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neonprimetime said...

Obama would NOT pass an FBI Background Check so why is he qualified for running for president?