Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Hate and the Media

Joe Biden has been on the Washington political scene for what, 35 years or so? Sarah Palin has been on the Washington political scene for a bit over a month?

Joe Biden makes a gaff and it's cute, funny, and, you know, "just Joe".

Sarah Palin makes a gaff and she's not ready for prime time.

Joe Biden has an interview with Katie Couric and she's touching his knee, cutting up with him, obviously comfortable with him (and he still makes a gaffe ;-)

Sarah Palin has an interview with Katie Couric and the setting is stilted, Katie manages to control her facial expressions but not the gotcha mentality and she gets her moment.

I was listening to Fox & Friends for a minute or two this morning and they were talking about the women who absolutely hate Sarah Palin. One of them commented that it seemed to be big city not mid-America who had a problem with her.

I've heard that before and have kind of picked up on it myself.

Here's my theory on that one:

Sarah Palin is fulfilled and happy. She has a career and is accomplishing something meaningful with her life. She has five beautiful children and a real-dude husband who's cute and supportive (which is like extra icing on the side, eat it with a spoon!).

These New York types and Hollywood-the-world-revolves-around-me types see how shallow their lives really are. She shows how meaningless much of what they do actually is, how little they bring to the table. She makes them feel inadequate.

For the rest of us, those who don't have the need for public adoration and don't need to have our egos propped up by others, Sarah is a true, true breath of fresh air, someone we can admire. We're pleased she has accomplished all she has and don't feel the need to tear her down to make ourselves feel better about who we are.

We can have our inadequacies but we're able to accept ourselves and we're strong in ways that the women who have to tear others down to feel good will never be.

Strong women, truly strong women, love Sarah Palin. Those who need outside props to fill their inner space can't handle anyone of competence.

Think about it! Just by being who she is Sarah Palin makes them feel small. The cling to their groups (not their guns and religion ;-) to give themselves an identity.

I can understand not liking some of the things Sarah Palin believes in and not wanting to vote for her. But hate? But this obsession some have with her? I heard Tina Fey talking the other night about playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. She was having real problems with it, said she hoped she never had to play her again after November 4th. It wasn't so much what she said as how she said it that showed her absolute need to be accepted by her peers.

Ah well, I could go on in this vein until long after all the cows in the world were home in their barns and still not touch on all the underlying personal instability that makes a person have to hate someone they don't know. Irritation that the Party they hate and vilify might be the first to accomplish what should be there's by right (first woman President) plays into things for some. The Democrats blew it when they didn't choose Hillary Clinton and they can't stand it that the Republicans might beat them to yet another first. They are fanning the winds of resentment and hate just as much as they can.

It's up to us to fight the good and decent fight for Sarah Palin, John McCain and true Republican values (not the ones some of our so-called leaders have ignored for these past years).

Don't let the media get you down and don't make the mistake of letting your moods swing with the various leanings of the media or the polls. Stay strong, keep your spirits up no matter what the media tries to cram down your throat and let's win in November!!!

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Grace Explosion said...

Great post. Yeah, I think that they all get together and are so removed from the mainstream of America that they incite hatred. No one in their group says, "Hey, wait a minute...".

I think Sarah is their antithesis. Here she is an average person... and she's getting "set up" to become President of the United States (by being VP first and having such broadbased appeal). I think they really do view themselves as elite and her as upstart who will never be approved of by their small-minded clique.

She's everything they are not. And she's set up to beat them at their own game and become the new "image" the new "example" to all America of what a woman can and could be. They like their own images too much to allow her to upstage them with hers.

It's their own self-worship as a group or something... their own sense of superiority.

They'd like a person like Sarah (like you and me) as a pet they patronize and imagine "looks up to them". But to treat her as an equal?? And to see her take leadership??

Great post.