Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cindy McCain and women of substance

Another impressive woman. I had no idea of just how substantial a person until recently. She has a foundation, which she runs, which gives away millions of dollars to help others. She makes trips and does a ton of humanitarian work.

I love the story of the two little girls she brought home from one of her trips.

One thing I love about Republicans is that they act. They don't just talk. They don't whine to the government to do something. They figure it out and make it happen.

I know most have heard the stats about the comparison between those who consider themselves liberals or Democrats and those who consider themselves conservative or Republican? The right gives so much more than Dems. That's because we believe that we should do it ourselves, not look to the government to redistribute wealth.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about Cindy McCain tonight.

Here's another one for you... the Dems talk about equality and being color blind and gender blind and... and... and... But the Republicans are the ones who have more women and more minorities in positions of power. Take a look at the President's appointees and those he selects for positions of importance. Then think about who goes after these picks and trashes them. You'd think they'd be applauding Bush for picking Hispanics, women, blacks, etc. Or at least they'd try to keep up.

Why are people so enamored of the rhetoric when there are no facts and no substance to back it up?

Talk about someone with substance, I'm still smiling when I think about having Sarah Palin on the ticket. It's so clear today that the Dems are still in a dither about how to handle her!