Monday, September 1, 2008


I can't believe some of the things "they" are saying about Sarah Palin. Can you imagine anyone, and I mean anyone, saying some of the stuff they're saying about Sarah Palin if she were SAM Palin?

Trash talking.

What a double-standard the liberals have when it comes to women. If it's a Democratic woman, anything goes. If it's a Republican woman, there ain't no trash too dirty to throw.

Changing tracks here just a bit, what about the stuff with Don Fowler and Michael Moore? Do they really think God sends hurricanes to stall Republican conventions? How many people are out of their homes, how many are injured or have died? And they can joke about God going after Republicans? Nasty trash talking.

Back on track now. Sarah Palin is facing a tough situation with her daughter with grace. I'm sure there was a big family sit-down before they made the decision to move the family into the spotlight. That poor girl Bristol must be going through hell right now being hounded by the media hacks. Do ya think for one minute if this were Chelsie Clinton that the media would be doing the same thing? What do you want to bet that they'd have Hillary up on some pedestal as a saint for how she handled things? But a Republican??? No way. Trash talking.

Double standards. If you're one of us anything goes. If you're with "them" then nothing you do is good.

We're with you Sarah and Bristol. Don't let them wear you down and just know we're really sorry the media has no morals or ethics.

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