Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everywhere I go, everyone is talking about Sarah Palin!

It's fabulous listening to the talk about Sarah Palin! The more they attack, the more people love her and rally to her cause, and to her side! It is SO obvious they're scared of her! Go get 'em Sarah! Go get 'em McCain!

Reading polls today and yesterday--- McCain is gaining ground (not that the polls seem to be right anymore if they ever were). It was 50-50 on some polls and they don't expect the real numbers until Monday.

Exciting! Heard an update from a couple of people who were at the Convention last week. One had been to 3 or 4 others and said this was absolutely THE best ever when it came to enthusiasm. I think it's because it's not just typical politics, it's not the usual suspects... it's The MAVERICK showing them how it's done and he's got everything all up in the air in a positive way. We're READY for a change John McCain.

Here's the nightly update from the Southeast guys (is it the same in your region? imagine it might be):

Saturday, 9/6/08
59 Days to the Election of John McCain
McCain Nightly Memo
From: SE Regional Offices, Tallahassee
To: McCain Team Member
Topic: John McCain in Michigan and Wisconsin

John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin Hit the Campaign Trail

John McCain and his running mate Governor Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail in Colorado and New Mexico today. Yesterday, McCain and Governor Palin visited the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Thunderous crowds greeted the Republican ticket in Cedarburg, Wisconsin and Sterling Heights, Michigan respectively. The audience of more than 20,000 people in Cedarburg heard John McCain talk about reforming Washington and putting our economy back on track.

Listen here to a news segment covering John McCain's visit to Wisconsin:

As for the campaign stop today in Colorado, there is quite an interesting story surrounding the appearance of a large number of American flags. The story ties into the Democratic National Convention held in Denver last week.

This is a video you must watch to understand and truly appreciate:

Democratic VP Candidate Senator Joe Biden Praises John McCain's Character
Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, likes to tell crowds that he and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., are friends. In a packed gymnasium at Maple Point Middle School in Langhorne, Pa., this aftern oon, before a receptive crowd, Biden explained just how close they are. "John McCain is my friend," said the loquacious Blue Hen. "I admire John McCain. I know of no man or woman I have ever met that has more personal courage than John McCain. We have been friends for over 33 years. We have traveled together. When John was Navy liaison he staffed me for three or four years everywhere I traveled in the world. "Jill and John are good friends," Biden said, referring to his wife Dr. Jill Biden, who had just introduced him...

"But he's a great guy," Biden said, "and if John called me today and said 'Joe -,' like when they went after John McCain, when Bush went after him in South Carolina with the scurrilous comments they made about his character, I called him and said, 'John, where do you want me? I'm an Al Gore man but where do you want me? I will show up anywhere in America to testify to the kind of man you are.' And he is a good man, he is a good man."
- Senator Joe Biden (September 5, 2008)

Must Clicks

John McCain's speech to the Republican National Convention on Thursday attracted a record number of viewers, besting Senator Obama's speech the week before in Denver. McCain gave an incredible narrative about his personal journey and offered an uplifting, positive vision on how to restore the American economic dream and change the overly partisan tone in Washington.

Click here to watch the speech: John McCain Addresses the Nation

Listen to the McCain's Campaign Weekly Radio Address: Delivered This Week by Governor Sarah Palin

In Case You Didn't Know

John McCain has a muscular economic plan that will restore American economic prosperity and ease the pain for struggling families across the nation.

America is being squeezed by skyrocketing energy prices. Senator Barack Obama remains opposed to offshore drilling and building nuclear power plants. John McCain has an "All of the Above" comprehensive energy plan that will tap all energy sources and promote new technologies to solve our energy crisis and bring down prices. John McCain also believes that is essential to reform our current unemployment insurance system to include high quality worker retraining programs. As workers receive training in their new fields of employment, John McCain's plan will provide them financial aid to help support their families in the interim.

The United States has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. Businesses will continue to move out of the United States and cut well paying American jobs, unless we lower the corporate tax rate to a level commensurate with the rest of the world. John McCain supports this measure, while Barack Obama instead proposes raising income taxes, business taxes, and social security taxes.

Must Reads

GOP Fires Up Cedarburg
By Dave Umhoefer & Craig Gilbert
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
September 6, 2008

At a packed Cedarburg street rally Friday, the GOP ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin used their first post-convention campaign stop to promise a war on special-interest influence and excessive partisanship in Washington.

"We're going to start working for the people of this country," McCain shouted. "It's over for the special interests. It's over!"

To read more, click here: GOP Fires Up Cedarburg

McCain Makes Run at Michigan, A Wavering Democratic Stronghold
By Joel Millman
The Wall Street Journal
September 6, 2008

Sterling Heights, MI- If John McCain becomes the nation's 44th president, it may be thanks to Michigan -- a prize the Republicans think they can claim for the first time in nearly 20 years.
On Friday, Sen. McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, arrived in this auto-plant town in Detroit's suburbs to begin their final election sprint. The goal: Persuade disaffected voters like Howard Mitchell that Republicans still deserve their support.

To read more, click here: McCain Makes Run at Michigan , A Wavering Democratic Stronghold

The Maverick is Back
Washington Times
September 6, 2008

Once considered an unbranded calf, the term "maverick" has come to define a politician who takes an independent stand. It has been argued that, despite the "R" behind his name, John McCain can't be branded - or painted in a box. His record indicates that he has bucked the party brand to blaze an independent path - including legislation on tax cuts, embryonic stem-cell research and immigration.

To read more, click here: The Maverick is Back

Finally This Evening...

Would you like to share your excitement about John McCain and Governor Palin with your community? If so, John McCain and Governor Palin are calling you to action. We need p eople to write Letters to the Editor and submit them to their local newspaper.

Writing a Letter to the Editor on behalf of John McCain is a great way to make an important contribution to our grassroots campaign. A consistent stream of Letters to the Edtior across Georgia that are supportive of John McCain will demonstrate to your neighbors and undecided voters that momentum and enthusisam are building for our campaign.

This is a small, but crucial effort that you can undertake for the campaign. It will only require an hour of your time each week to write a Letter to the Editor, but it will make a difference in your community.

We strongly encourage you to write a Letter to the Editor. Click here to find the Email Address for Your Local Newspaper.

Reform, Prosperity and Peace

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