Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh NO! Sarah has a tanning bed!!!

What a scandal! How horrible! How can anyone vote for a woman who would have a tanning bed put in at the Governor's Mansion? Horror!

Who are they kidding? They (the media, Barack Obama's crew, the Democrats?) are trying to make a scandal out of Sarah Palin buying a tanning bed with her own money and putting it in the Governor's Mansion? Why? Because it's harmful to her skin?

I don't use one anymore, but getting inside a tanning bed and shutting out the world for fifteen minutes is like taking a mini-vacation from the world. Nice and warm and no noise from the outside world!

Of all the silly things to raise a fuss about! I know they're trying to find something bad on Sarah, but I don't think it really matters what they find unless it turns out she's pro-abortion or something along those lines.

Imagine having all the media and worker-bees running around digging into your life looking for some horrible secret or just something they could twist into a negative story!

They're trying to make the so-called "trooper gate" into an October surprise. I've read some of her emails, I've heard all the discussions about the situation and there's nothing there. Between you and me, even if it had turned out that she fired the guy because he wouldn't fire the guy who threatened to kill her father and tasered his stepson, I wouldn't care. If he's that ignorant and mean spirited then he shouldn't be working for her. The trooper was found guilty of tasering his stepson and making death threats and all he got was a five-day suspension. I would say that the guy who got fired was trying to stick it to Sarah. He openly thwarted her wishes, was insubordinate and she had the right to fire him for having a hang nail if she wanted. He served at her will.

Ah well, they keep trying to make mountains out of the proverbial mole hill and so far they haven't found anything that will stick. She's the Teflon woman! She's superwoman!

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