Monday, September 22, 2008

Still laughing at comment

A brilliant mind (drip sarcasm) left a comment on one of my previous blogs (which I didn't post) saying Thank God Sarah Palin was there to save the banks, referred to her degree and the fact that she could see Russia from her "year". Yeah, they wrote from her year, whatever that means . Whacky weed, alchihole or public education, take your pick.

I'll take Sarah Palin's experience over Barack Obama's any day. Geez, talk about a light-weight when compared to Sarah!

Sarah is going to be VICE President and we have a sharp, experienced, intelligent, no-nonsense guy at the top of the ticket.

I love it that everyone on the Left is still comparing Barack Obama to Sarah Palin and getting all uptight about the support she's receiving.

I'd put a mother of five up against Ahmadinejad anytime!

I have to go to work, can't go into depth here, just wanted to respond since it was such a silly comment.

Also wanted to suggest that everyone on the Read My Lipstick Network list with a Blogger blog to go to "Settings", click the "Comment" tab and set your choices to "ALWAYS" on the comment moderation choice --- you put your email account in and it sends you an email for prior approval for comments. It will allow you to keep the trash talk out! I have my choice set to allow anonymous comments rather than just blogger members or other since I have comment moderation on. That allows you to get more comments than the other choices.

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