Thursday, September 4, 2008

Veerrryyy interesting

I have Google alerts set up with Sarah Palin's name. It gives me a daily summary of anytime Sarah Palin's name is in the new or in blogs. Now I have a ton of blogs and I have all kinds of alerts set up. I've tested these blogs umpteen times to see how fast my blogs are picked up. It is almost instantaneous.

Here's the weird thing, and I really hesitate to bring it up on here, but not once has this blog been picked up even though we're all talking about Sarah Palin blog after blog after blog.

Maybe it's because we're new.

Don't know.

The reason I hesitate to bring it up on here? It looks like blogs talking about Sarah Palin are being shut down. I tried to set up some other blogs and when I checked to see if they already existed there was a message saying they had been shut down and the names were no longer available. They weren't bad names, either. So, gonna go scouting to see if this is a conspiracy (wooo... wooo...). Could easily be that they were spam attacked or the names generate a lot of traffic that isn't positive or the people were trash talking on the blogs.

We're not going to do any of that on here.

Anyway, ladies of the Superwoman blog, let's go on a Sarah Palin hunt. You with me?

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