Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Democrats continue attacks... true colors showing

The Democrats continue to attack Sarah Palin, twisting her record. I understand from reading the Wall Street Journal that the Dems dispatched 30 operatives to Anchorage the day after McCain announced her as his running mate.

Shows how unprepared they were. I also heard they already had attack ads prepared featuring Romney. Shows how off-base they were with their data... Of course, can't fault them too much on that, McCain did a masterful job of surprising almost everyone!

Now the Democrats are going after Palin's religion. She's "too Christian" for them.

If I were still a Democrat I'd be running in the other direction. It is not the Party I once thought it was, which is one of the reasons I left it behind. Who needs all the negative in their life? I believe in taking care of myself, in peace, love and all the things that used to be the creed of the Democratic Party. Now it is a Party of power hungry old men and women who will do anything to attain more power, or keep their power.

The Party moved away from us. It changed. It is MEAN.

Why is it necessary to tear someone down to win? Aren't the merits of the people running enough for the American public? Why do we have to distort people, denigrate and ruin them?

What happened to raising up women? Embracing differences? Tolerance?

I understand why so many are leaving both Parties. I understand why so many are leaving politics in the dust, which may be the ultimate goal of both Parties. The fewer making choices, voting and participating, the stronger their hold will be on the fanatics who are left. The more control they will have.

I firmly believe Barack Obama is leading us to Socialism and that he is masterful in the way he is doing it. I don't for one minute believe our founders intended for America to be the country he wants it to be.

Well, I could go on about my concerns in regards to Obama, but even putting that one sentence in this blog will probably subject me to ridiculous attacks from fanatics. I am ashamed of the censorship being practiced by my once great Party and those who embrace it's negativism. I'm sorry the Democratic Party has changed so that it can only tolerate those who walk in lock-step.

The Democratic Party's true colors are showing clearly in the way they are going after Sarah Palin, her family and her religion.

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