Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deal or No Deal, Dems Continue the Lie

There's a comment on another one of my posts, which I'm not going to bother to approve*, saying they had a bailout deal before John McCain showed up and the deal fell through because the Republicans were just supporting their candidate, it was just politics, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Give it up.

Even conservative Democrats are saying there wasn't a deal. The rest of the Dem crew are just twisting and avoiding and will never say they were wrong.

The Democrats had the votes to go ahead if they wanted, John McCain or no John McCain. They didn't have the guts to cram their so-called deal down the throats of the American public without the support of Republicans. No guts. They didn't want to be the ones to be blamed if their version fell thought. House Republicans had NOT signed onto it, and many conservative Democrats were relieved when John McCain came in to save the day.

At least John McCain cared enough to be there. He took a huge risk when he put his campaign aside and I appreciate the fact that he was willing to attempt to help, regardless of how much of an impact it may or may not have had. I love how he's handling this, especially his comments this morning about whether to take credit or not! He simply did what he felt was right and Obamababy felt like a phone call or two was sufficient. Some leadership.

It's a proven fact that there was no deal. Nada. The Democrats made a huge mistake in their rush to come out and say there was a deal and they blew it. The only people who are believing their twisting of reality are Obama zombies who'd believe anything that came out of the mouth of their chosen one or his chosen representatives.

* yes, I'm censoring 'cause it's just more twisting of facts and not worth anyone's time.

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