Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah Palin has a website?

Tried to find the website mentioned in the media that was set up by the McCain camp to combat the garbage being distributed about Sarah Palin. I searched on the main website without any luck. Tried searching Google for Sarah Palin, no luck. Added the word "website" and voila, found the following part way down the page. I don't think I found the right one yet, but it is interesting and pro-Palin.

Here's the link: and here's a release from the site:

Task Force Palin Launches

Several pro-Palin websites and supporters, including this site Palin for America, have joined forces to create Task Force Palin:

Building on the continued success of the grassroots movement to draft Governor Sarah Palin as America’s next Vice President, a number of pro-Palin websites are pooling their resources into a new effort, “Task Force Palin” (TFP), which can be found online at The founding members of TFP are “Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President” (,, “Palin for America” (, and “Students of America” (; with more members expected to join after the launch.

While TFP will primarily work to convince McCain and his supporters that Sarah Palin would be the best choice for Vice President, it is also intended to look beyond the 2008 election. Regardless of the outcome this year, TFP will continue to coordinate an organized network of Palin supporters around the United States. "It is my strong opinion that Sarah Palin's independence, integrity, and natural leadership style personify America's founding values,” said the proprietor of Palin for America, “Palin's values, now more than ever, must have a strong presence in the office of the executive."

Michel Luciano of Students for America also weighed in on why he decided to back TFP, saying, "I believe that Governor Sarah Palin's conservative credentials, fight against corruption, and stance on energy security along with her leadership experience as Mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska make her the best qualified candidate for Vice President of the United States."

“Task Force Palin takes the short-term VP effort and institutionalizes it as a more permanent presence,” said Adam Brickley, founder of Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President. “If Palin becomes the vice-presidential candidate, then we will have some of the best coverage of the VP race on the internet. If not, we have an organization which can continue to promote Palin as a national figure and, should the worst occur, a candidate to unseat Barack Obama in 2012. While it’s only in its embryonic stages right now, were hoping to evolve TFP into a centralized headquarters that combines the functions of all of our sites into an online one-stop-shop for all things Palin. TFP will be bigger, better, and more professional than anything we’ve done before”.

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Paul said...

This is my friend's website. He is not affiliated with teh campaign in any way but he (and I..) were promoting Palin long before the pick.
Email him, he's a nice guy.

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